& Management Support

Vision – Work with the client to ensure a well-defined mission, goal, strategy and implementation plan exist in order to achieve the vision.

Mission – Collaborate with client to ensure that a statement summarizing a clear purpose with goals match with the philosophy and culture of the company.

Goals – Partner with client to establish measurable and attainable goals with subsequent review process that provides clear accountability.

Strategy Reviews – SL3 will utilize over 60 years of combined experience which spans the entire mortgage origination process to evaluate a lenders current strategy and goals; with the goal of enhancing and improving your current execution to a higher level of efficiency and profitability.

Challenges – We offer an unbiased and unobstructed view of the known and unknown opportunities facing you, your business and its overall success.

Process Improvement- SL3 will recommend cost saving process adjustments  while improving the customers overall experience. Driven by metrics, actionable improvements will lead to less cost per loan and more profitability.

Personnel – Join forces with client to strategize staffing plan to retain high potential/top performers and provide resources to recruit top industry talent.  Measure capacity opposite market conditions anticipating future needs.

Leadership Development – Aide client in developing leaders creating a positive work environment by defining an attribute around capability, behaviors and scope to provide more targeted leadership training

Marketing – Work with client, to evaluate the current marketing strategy and provide recommendations on how to enhance the goals and objectives in order to increase sales and revenue.

Communication- Partner with the client to improve communication across the entire business which has proven to enhance productivity / customer satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and improve the client’s corporate image.

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