& Acquisitions

Aid clients in expanding their business through a merger/acquisition strategy that meets the financial goals either through additional sources or expanding delivery from existing customers.


Utilize nationwide contacts to develop a resource database of buyers and sellers interested in expansion or contraction.


Model buyer desires of an acquisition (type origination channel desired, geographic focus, value of servicing if applicable).Set seller expectations on the market and what to expect.


Facilitate the raising of capital, financing and partnership structures



Executive Searches

Recruiting for all positions based on known performers including initial contact and interview all the way through to offering and acceptance of position.

Recruit Professional Applicants

Use of our network of connections to attract, recruit, and evaluate the right person(s) in order to provide a best match your company’s personality and needs.

Review Job Applicants

Evaluation of the individual identified against the job requirements and checking job references through our vast industry network of contacts in order to obtain the necessary feedback to be assured this is the right person for the job who will have a high level of success.

Interview Candidates

Asking not only the right questions, but the hard questions to assure you have an unbiased view of the inside and outside presence of the candidate.

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