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past- present- future

Meet Ed & Bill for the story.

Ed Abufaris and Bill Wooten met several years ago while working at CitiMortgage. During their journey there, they always said that if the opportunity ever presented itself, they would join forces. By sharing their experience and industry knowledge, they knew they could help companies with a seemingly simple concept, but one most find difficult to embrace: Always put the customer’s needs first by offering expertise in unparalleled ways to do what is appropriate and right for the customer, no matter what.

Beginning with the thought that there are no secret formulas in successful business practices, just basics that need to be
established and executed to the best of everyone’s abilities, they established SupportLink3.

Most get the meaning of Support & Link but here’s what’s significant about the “3” in SupportLink3. Three words that tie directly into any business proposition: past, present, and future. Businesses know what’s happened in the past, kind of know where they are in the present, but want to know what to do and how to spot opportunities in the future.

Businesses are forced to look at margins, efficiencies, and building a contingency for business fluctuations. This includes finding a strategic partner, selling, equity sharing, raising capital, recruiting, and outsourcing both domestically and offshore. Leveraging their combined experience of more than 60 years, Ed and Bill bring lessons learned from the past, present market trends, and a plan for the future. Bringing that expertise to you means you don’t have to invest in building and maintaining the infrastructure and staff it takes to be successful.

This is their journey……

Put All in Balance – That’s what we do. More than our tagline, it’s our vision and our mission statement. It’s simple and
complicated at the same time – just like a business.

Ed Abufaris & Bill Wooten


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