SL3 Preferred Partners

Our relationships allows us unique opportunities to create direct connections between you and premier services. Contact us if you would like to learn more or set up a meeting.


KLaunch, a Kerauno company, is helping organizations harness the power of text through fully managed experiential mobile messaging. KLaunch offers custom text solutions for marketing and business operations, allowing companies this capability without needing to become an expert in the tool.

Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI)

As an all-in-one real estate and mortgage technology solution, Mobility Market Intelligence is rapidly growing and developing software for the industry, as well as providing lenders an unprecedented amount of market information.

Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT)

Products and services that help clients make educated decisions to improve their business including Hedge Performance Reporting, LO Performance, Market Color Analysis, Secondary Operations Audits and Advisory Services, and Centralized Lock Desk Services.

Agile Trading Technologies

A new electronic TBA request for quote market platform with the intention of moving from phone-based to best execution electronic bidding.

Affinity Five

Affinity Five Search Group is a national executive search & recruiting firm dedicated to the financial services and mortgage banking industry. With over 20 years of experience, they are involved through a client’s hiring process to ensure all candidates fit with the culture and expectations of any position.

90 Day Sales Manager

Sales speaker: mortgage companies including credit unions and mortgage related associations. Works at a company and individual level motivating, organizing and planning stages of improvement.

Market Valuation Services

Market Valuation Services is a leader in appraisal compliance and quality. They facilitate appraisal independence while maintaining a level of customer service that the mortgage lender can depend on. Created from former appraisers and banking industry executives, MVS is equipped to provide appraisal process management, compliance, dispute resolution, quality control, and more.

Transformational Mortgage Solutions

Did you know that we have aligned with Transformational Mortgage Solutions to bring a higher level of expertise to mortgage lenders and service providers that helps maximize organization potential and capitalize on marketplace opportunities? This exciting partnership brings together two companies eager to provide mortgage industry management consultative services and sales/marketing support. Together, TMS and SL3 offer a unique value proposition that combines a wide range of expertise with the ability to outsource and swiftly expand revenue-generating functions.

Verity Global Solutions

As a SupportLink3 provider, Verity Global Solutions are mortgage experts that enhance loan quality and turn time at lower costs, as they help produce 7,500+ loans per month! We can get you in contact with them to discuss how their Business Process Outsourcing can provide valuable assistance in your Loan Production workflow.

Your Home Digital

Your Home Digital developed their website to be the nation's premier homeowner resource portal. Their writers research and interview home industry leaders from across the U.S. to provide consumers with insight, helpful information, and educational content on a myriad of home-related topics. We are thrilled to work together to help improve home to consumer engagement on behalf of home industry clients.

Reverse America

Our Mission – Statement of Purpose

To provide a wide variety of comprehensive mortgage banking consulting solutions with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism. Collaborate with our clients for real-world, hands-on solutions that bring value to our clients’ businesses.

To deliver a fair and balanced approach to objectives, statement-of-work, and fee arrangements prior to any engagement. Protect the client’s confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such.

Mortgage Insource Services (MIS)

Mortgage Insource Services perform pre-closing loan processing for the mortgage lender. Their quick turnaround time allows for everything to be efficient and cost effective, making sure your loans are processed, underwritten, and ready for closing on time every time.


We are a team of seasoned brand and marketing professionals with a relentless focus: Helping our clients exceed their business goals.

Our thoughtful strategies, beautiful designs, and seamless user experiences are all built to do just that. Because what good is an attractive brand if it doesn’t generate real results? We are passionate about putting our 20 years of experience in brand strategy, identity, graphic design, web development, and digital marketing to work for you. No matter the industry, we love walking alongside our clients to get things done. And even more fun? Getting to know you in the process.


Kinetix is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm that leverages RPO, staffing & recruiting, and HR consulting to ensure your company acquires and retains top talent in your industry.

Awesome Technologies Inc.

Awesome Technologies Inc. creates custom software and services to improve the lending process, streamline operations, lower origination cost, enhance borrower retention and hence for retention, while helping you create customers for life. 

Gregg & Valby

Gregg & Valby is a Texas-based law firm with more than 40 years of experience in providing mortgage loan document preparation, legal support, and nationwide regulatory compliance services to financial institutions and independent mortgage companies. They stand out with their extraordinary customer service as the cornerstone of their mission, and we are thrilled to partner with them.


Complete social media management for mortgage

SocialCoach allows your marketing team to create ready-to-post social media content that pushes or auto-posts to your LOs daily. 

Professional Alternatives

Professional Alternatives offers a comprehensive collection of services designed to help companies grow through the strategic placement of top talent and payroll expense consolidation. With the ever-changing recruiting landscape, work to stay ahead of those changes and utilize industry-leading systems and processes to hire smarter

QC Verify

QC Verify offers a revolutionary breakthrough in verification process automation. Lenders, landlords and employers are now able to execute a secure automated verification solution that readily authenticates income, employment, identity and other related data points.


Argyle is a real-time income data platform that lets consumers securely connect their employment records to companies’ apps and websites. In just a few clicks, Argyle opens up a suite of solutions that maximize efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce risk across the customer journey, including automated income and employment verification, direct deposit switching, earned wage access, seamless onboarding, KYC, and more. With Argyle, providers get more visibility, make better-informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities to scale and grow. Consumers get more access to financial products and complete control over how their data is used.

Steve Richman

Steve Richman has spoken in every state to more than 500,000 professionals at more than 1,000 companies. He draws on his experiences as a litigation attorney, business consultant, account executive, disc jockey, father, and husband to deliver a practical message.