& Marketing

Value Proposition – Join forces with management to define ‘why’ customers should do business with client taking into account people, product, programs and program execution.  Understanding the competitive landscape, our clients ‘differentiators’ will assist in defining their target market.

Target Market – Collaborate with clients to define the strategic direction of the mortgage operation, providing target segment of customers such that products and programs can be tailored accordingly.

Collateral- We will review all marketing material to be sure the message is telling the right story that allows you to capitalize on all the new opportunities which may come your way.  There could be an opportunity to redefine your company’s brand and presence within the market.

Lead Development-Using our extensive industry connections within all social media venues to uncover new opportunities for your business.

Campaign- Utilization of our resources to develop, market and sell your companies programs and products.

Partnering/Joint Promotions – Provide solutions as to how to leverage expertise available in the marketplace such that our clients can focus on core business strategies

Convention Support – Assist client in creating marketing investment in attending industry conventions including materials, booth set-up, customer dinner and entertainment options

Flyers & “e” media – Provide recommendations on marketing materials content and delivery options while ensuring that the “message” is consistent with the overall client advertising strategy

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