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CRM- Work together with the client to identify and evaluate a system solution that meets the short – term and long-term business strategy of the client balancing functionality, implementation timelines and cost. All functional groups with the client’s business should be an active participant in the selection process including the sales team lead tracking and follow up processes

Hedge Advisory– Provide the client a strategy to mitigate interest rate risk leveraging industry wide data of pull-through in a variety of rate environments, procedures/policies on rate locks available to customers.   Solutions will be presented to the client that minimizes interest rate risk.  

Appraisal Management – The property valuation landscape continues to offer new products eliminating some of the historic challenges.   Ensure the client leverages new valuation product that improves the customer experience and minimizes any delay in the timeline to delivery.

Underwriting – Define a sustainable staffing solution for clients that provides for timely decisions and increased funded volume with minimal fixed cost.

Outsourcing –  We will recommend utilizing a balanced approach to insourcing/outsourcing based upon the client’s vision including resiliency in operations to meet the needs of your clients and to maximize your company’s profitability.

LOS- Assist the client in the LOS selection process ensuring that the software includes functionality in all processing needs for current and future demands.

Accounting- utilizing companies that can interface with your systems is common and necessary to create the recordation for backup should it be necessary for internal and external audits.

KPI- Tools that assist in managing your business are required in order to be competitive and increase productivity. Successful companies have invested in KPI for all the right reasons: capacity planning, customer experience, cost analysis, process improvements…  to name a few.

Dashboard Customization – Work with the client to design summary and detail results against assumptions ensuring that dashboard presents data in a visible, understandable, and actionable format.

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