Transformational Mortgage Solutions and SupportLink3 Partner to Offer Mortgage Lenders and Service Providers a Combined 150 Years Industry Experience

Jun 18, 2020 | Blog, Company News | 0 comments

Joint venture brings together two accomplished companies eager to provide the mortgage industry management consultative services and sales/marketing support

Transformational Mortgage Solutions (TMS), a management consulting firm providing a full-range of mortgage lending advisory services to owners and c-level executives, and SupportLink3 (SL3), a highly specialized sales and marketing advisory firm, jointly announced that they have aligned to bring a higher level of expertise to mortgage lenders and service providers that helps maximize organization potential and capitalize on marketplace opportunities.

TMS focuses on assisting lenders with executive leadership coaching and consulting services that streamline processes, boost loan volume, improve the bottom line, optimize operational performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and execute efficiency assessments from origination through servicing. The firm also provides c-level coaching and business strategies that ultimately create a more collaborative, cohesive, and consistent corporate culture.

“This partnership was a natural fit given our respective firms’ vast range of capabilities and far-reaching relationship capital within the mortgage industry,” said David Lykken, president, founder and chief transformation officer at TMS. “We partnered because both of our firms observed an increasing void in the marketplace which our combined services could easily fulfill and deliver high-impact results.”

SL3 complements TMS’ services by providing financial services-based companies a cost effective alternative to incurring the expense of employing in-house resources that extend sales, business development, and other topline generating activities. In addition, SL3 offers management team guidance, marketing assistance, technology support, executive search placement, and M&A strategies.

“Both of our firms possess deep mortgage domain experience and are armed with a war chest of capabilities and strategies that we can offer mortgage entities,” said Bill Wooten, co-founder and principle, at SL3. “Forming a strategic alliance with TMS made a great deal of sense given our combined experience and breadth of subject matter expertise in the mortgage space. We’re excited about the value and ROI we can deliver for mutual clients.”

TMS focuses on clients that include banks, credit unions, independent mortgage bankers, as well as companies providing financing/solutions/services to mortgage lenders. SL3 caters to technology vendors, start-ups, service providers, and lenders of all types and sizes.

Together, TMS and SL3 offer mortgage entities a unique value proposition that combines a wide range of business management expertise with the ability to outsource and swiftly expand revenue-generating functions.

TMS and SL3 can deliver end-to-end services or also offer piecemealed options that best suit individual clients’ specific needs. To learn more, contact the companies at [email protected].

About Transformation Mortgage Solutions (TMS):

Transformational Mortgage Solutions (TMS) is a management consulting firm providing a full range of advisory services to owners and executives of companies in the mortgage lending business. Our clients include banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage lenders, as well as companies providing financing/solutions/services to mortgage lenders. We are able to help companies regardless of size. We provide three main advisory services: consulting, coaching and communications.

Also, as a public service, TMS is dedicated to informing and educating industry professionals through the weekly “Lykken on Lending” podcast as well as providing speakers at conferences and other industry events and consumers through “Today’s Mortgage Minute” and through appearances on national television networks such as the FOX Business Network. More information, visit

About SupportLink3 (SL3):

Based in Dallas, Texas, SL3’s primary focus is to connect organizations with the industries best product & service providers and qualified personnel based on your needs and investment strategy. We negotiate on your behalf for the best possible results with the goal of overall business growth through additional volume and in efficiencies through utilization of a variable cost model. In addition, we provide advisory services for Executive & Management Support, Systems & Technology, Sales & Marketing, and Mergers & Acquisitions.  To learn more, visit the company’s website